Ideas on how to display the treasures of history

Wondering if that old piece of furniture can be part for your home decor? Give it a chance.

Antiques have passed the test of time and now deserve to be shown off on displays and be part of your decoration. 

1. Location

The antique you are about to display has served a purpose. It may be dishware, furniture or simply a quilt. Ensure you choose a proper place for it where the original purpose is not lost. For example, bathing pitchers ca go in the restroom while silverware can be beautifully displayed in the dining room.

2. The less, the better

Keep in mind to place antiques in an orderly and clean fashion. You can easily get caught up in the spirit of displaying leading to and overcrowded and messy exhibit. Antiques are better appreciated when it is not too heavy on your eyes.

3. Caring for our fragiles

Ensure you properly keep your glassware and other fragiles out of heavy traffic and reach of curious hands. Glassware can be beautifully displayed in a cabinet or on a high shelf. 

4- Grouping 

There are no rules when it comes to displaying art. You can bring similar pieces and place close together thus creating a wonderful piece of art on the wall, table or shelf. Variations in size, color and shape will bring out the beauty of each unique piece.

Enjoy giving a new purpose to your antiques: to decorate !